Monday, November 24, 2014

This Woman Found A Paralyzed Stray Dog On The Beach And Did Something Amazing

During a recent trip to Thailand, Meagan Penman, a model from Canada, was walking on the beach when she discovered a paralyzed dog struggling to walk.

Penman contacted a bunch of animal rescue services in the area but couldn't find anywhere that would take him.

And she couldn't take care of the dog, so she set up a Facebook page and a gofundme page.

She also gave him the handsome name of Leo. Penman got Leo to a local vet, and according to X-rays , Leo's back is broken and he has no feeling in his lower legs.

He was also covered in ticks. He wasn't a huge fan of bath time.

Penman ended up raising $7,740, more than enough to get Leo back to Canada with her and make sure he gets a brand new doggie wheelchair.

Three months after Penman spotted Leo on the beach he landed in Canada.

Penman's next step was trying find him a permanent foster mom.

His sitting stance is pretty snazzy, if you ask me.

Luckily, a woman named Jamie saw Penman's Facebook page and agreed to adopt Leo.

Now Leo's chilling in Sarnia, Ontario, and he seems to be enjoying himself.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Tumbles In The Snow

During Monday’s snowfall, the Toronto Zoo captured some pretty adorable footage of Giant Panda, Da Mao, having an absolute blast in the snow.

Friday, November 21, 2014

17 Adorable Boops To Get You Through The Week

1. This curious boop from a first-time booper.

This curious boop from a first-time booper.

2. This slow-motion boop.

3. And this incredibly teeny boop.

And this incredibly teeny boop.

4. This very precise boop.

This very precise boop.

5. And this ginormous boop.

And this ginormous boop.

6. This boop accompanied by a whisker tickle.

This boop accompanied by a whisker tickle.

7. And this ambitious boop.

And this ambitious boop.

8. This boop that was executed by a puppy who is new to the world of booping.

This boop that was executed by a puppy who is new to the world of booping.

9. And this gentle cuddling boop.

And this gentle cuddling boop.

10. The boop that made the world a happier place.

The boop that made the world a happier place.

11. And this less-than-pleased boop.

And this less-than-pleased boop.

12. This boop of fluff.

This boop of fluff.

13. And this boop that paused playtime.

And this boop that paused playtime.

14. This boop gone wrong.

15. And this cautious incoming boop.

And this cautious incoming boop.
Pam McGorry

16. This boop that broke the universe with its cuteness.

This boop that broke the universe with its cuteness.

17. And finally, this loving boop from one pal to another.

17 Adorable Boops To Get You Through The WeekSource

Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Ways You Might Be Unknowingly Crushing Your Dog’s Spirit

We all love our dogs and want to do what’s best for them, which also means keeping them as happy as possible! But what if we’re doing something that’s unknowingly making them unhappy or crushing their spirit? It’s likely you’re not, but just in case you’re unsure or want to help someone who might be stressing their dog, be sure to check out this list below!

#1 – Not Exercising Your Dog

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems in dog ownership. It’s understandable if someone doesn’t want to be active and healthy, or has a disability that prevents them from getting on the move, but preventing your dog from getting adequate exercise is detrimental to both their physical and mental health. Dogs need to get outside, and that doesn’t mean just going out into the yard. Taking your dog for a walk or playing ball at the park is an excellent way to make sure your pooch has the right amount of exercise he needs, and it will only help strengthen your bond. After all, your dog wants to be with you, not out in the yard alone!

#2 – Taking Your Dog’s Food & Toys Away

We’ve all seen people take their dog’s food bowl away while they’re eating or their toy away when they’re chewing on it. This came about by people wanting to show their dogs that they’re the alpha and that their dog should respect them. Resource guarding, when a dog becomes aggressive to protect a resource such as food or toys, often happens when owners don’t establish clear boundaries with their dogs. To prevent this, people think that they need to be able to constantly take food away in the middle of a meal or alpha roll their dogs as a punishment to ascertain their alpha status. Unfortunately, it’s often a highly misguided attempt at dog training. All dogs that have been raised or given clear boundaries will willingly share their food or toys with their owners, and have no problem with it being taken away. So what’s the reason for doing it every time you feed your dog? Well, there ISN’T one! If you take your dog’s food away and give it back during every meal, all your dog really sees you as is a big bully that’s always there to take what he wants away. Your dog doesn’t understand why you’re doing this, and can actually become aggressive from the stress of knowing their meals will always be taken from them. The old rule of staying away from a dog if he’s eating should be more widely accepted, because it’s true. How would you like it if someone took your dinner away for a few minutes just because they could?

#3 – Putting Your Dog in a Crate for Punishment

Crates are an excellent training tool. But the idea of crate training is to make your crate a fun and safe place for your dog to relax, yet so many owners insist on using it as a time-out place for dogs. This only leads to animosity towards the crate, and when you need to use it for something else you’re going to have a hard time getting your dog inside and keeping him stress-free when he’s confined. Dogs don’t understand time-out punishments, because they don’t speak our language and aren’t built to generalize the way humans to. Using time-outs won’t be seen as a correction to your dog for his bad behavior, and he won’t understand that he did something you didn’t like. Training happens in the moment of the event, and dogs aren’t children that will sit and think about their actions as the day goes on. So if you’re going to use a crate, please make ensure that it’s a fun and lovely place for your dog to rest!

#4 – Constantly Yelling at Your Dog

Imagine if the only training you got at a brand new job was your boss yelling at you constantly for your mistakes. You’d probably really hate going to work! The same goes for your dog. When you have a dog that hasn’t had any basic training, and only gets yelled at all the time, he’s likely to be a very stressed out pooch. This is because he knows you’re upset and doesn’t understand why, because you haven’t taught him any manners or what behaviors are desirable. Not only that, but the constant emotional turmoil is felt by your dog, and you’re likely to damage your relationship. Another point to consider is how seriously your dog will take you when there is a very real problem. Think of it as the boy who cried wolf. If you’re always yelling for Fido to come here when he’s running around the backyard, but you never actually teach him to come to you, what do you think will happen when he runs out into traffic? He hears you yelling, but that’s nothing knew because you’re always yelling at him. So he runs right out there, and you can imagine how the story goes. In other words, yelling at your dog constantly doesn’t do anything to help him, and really only serves as a way to stress him out or get him lost or injured.

#5 – Leaving Your Dog Alone for Extended Periods of Time

Most of us have jobs that keep us away during the day, and we leave our dogs at home to relax until we get home. But if you’ve got more than the average 40-hour a week job, and are constantly traveling or gone for more than 8 hours at a time, it might be worth considering whether a dog is a good choice of pet for you. Dogs are social animals and need to spend time with their families. That could be an entire household or just you. When they don’t get the socialization they need, they become sad, stressed, and even destructive. It’s important that you’re able to fit in the proper amount of exercise and playtime with your pup, even if you’ve got a busy schedule. If you’re gone for long periods of time during the day or travel often, make sure to find a suitable dog walker or doggy daycare that can keep your pup happy. Any dog that’s left alone for extended periods of time on a constant basis is likely to be unhappy and unhealthy. So make sure that you’re able to provide the love and care your pooch needs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

28 Ingenious Things For Your Dog You Had No Idea You Needed

1. Never get inadvertently splashed again with this pet shower curtain.

2. Give your dog a window to the world with the PetPeek Fence Window.

3. These rubber genome toys will make your bully sticks last longer because your dog will have to work to get to it.

4. This fold-up chair with pet compartment is perfect for camping, tailgating, or just hanging in the backyard.

5. For the dog that’s constantly trying to climb into the front seat: use this zip line harness.

6. Keep everything in place while traveling with this dog car organizer.

7. The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest, letting you keep tabs on day-to-day behavior and long-term health trends.

8. This special water bowl has a lining that you can place in your freezer, keeping the water cold for a longer period of time.

9. This light-up collar lights the path for your dog on long dark winter walks.

10. For the pup who engages in proper dining etiquette, there’s a high chair.

11. This handmade shark blanket will keep your dog cozy and warm all winter.


12. Ride around with the most fashionable dog bike basket ever.

13. With this pet window guard, your dog won’t be able to leap out the window.

14. The backseat hammock will keep dogs from taking a tumble on a bumpy ride.

15. The pet umbrella keeps your dog “dry and comfortable.”

16. The escape prevention dog harness keeps your pet from slipping through the cracks.

17. The dog water fountain turns drinking water into a game.

18. If your dog tends to scratch the door and leave marks when it’s time to go out, get the door protector.

19. The Slurpabowl is a cute, recyclable, portable drinking bowl that folds up and attaches to the leash.

20. These “in the wall” pet bowls fold up when not in use to save space.

21. Stay on trend with this adorable dog teepee.

22. The dog potty is a more sustainable solution than weewee pads, and folds up for travel or apartment dwelling.

23. For a multi-person household, get the Membo, which has tiles you can flip that signify whether the dog has been fed already.

24. Gently and effectively clean your dog’s paws with this brushless paw wash.

25. Leanlix are dog treats that come in a lip balm-like tube so you can reward your dog on the go with no mess.

26. This collapsible travel cup comes with a carabiner so you can attach it anywhere.

27. The one-of-a-kind Hydrobone has a foam core that absorbs and releases water as your dog chews it.

28. The iFetch launches tennis balls and acts as an interactive playmate for your pet.

The iFetch launches tennis balls and acts as an interactive playmate for your pet.