Thursday, September 17, 2015

Air Canada pilot diverted trans-Atlantic flight to save "Simba" the French Bulldog


An Air Canada pilot is being lauded for diverting a Tel Aviv-to-Toronto flight to Germany, a move that may have saved the life of a passenger's French bulldog riding in the jet's cargo area, according to Canadian outlet CityNews.
The pilot's decision came after a heating system malfunction in the plane's cargo area. The pilot noticed the issue just as the plane was about to head out over the Atlantic on its way to Canada. Temperatures at high altitudes, of course, drop to dangerously low levels that -- without heat -- could endanger the lives of both pets and humans.
With the heating system out, the pilot decided to divert Air Canada Flight 85 on Sunday (Sept. 13) to minimize the risk to "Simba," the 7-year-old French bulldog. The pilot -- who is not being identified -- had Simba pulled from the Air Canada flight and placed on another Toronto-bound Air Canada flight from Frankfurt.